WIDI's favourite places

Daily activity schedule? Simply ask our mascot WIDI, the mountain sheep – it will show you the most scenic spots in the Ötztal. Baa!

Widiversum Hochoetz

Widiversum Hochoetz

This summer there is a new highlight for families - Widiversum at top station of Acherkogelbahn Mountain Gondola in Hochoetz. A total of 20 different stations are waiting to be discovered by adventurous kids.

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Piburger See Oetz

Piburger lake - Oetz

Piburger See lake is the result of a natural catastrophe; today it is the landmark and gem of Oetz. In mid-summer surface temperature reaches up to 24°C. Because of its scenic location the lake is a popular destination for hikers and swimmers:

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Familien Kids Park

Kids Park Oetz

The new highlight is the Mining Adventure Playground in Oetz, offering areas for climbing, balancing, sliding, swinging and gold digging...

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Zauberwald Sautens

the magical forest of Sautens

Be enchanted yourself and join us on an exciting walk full  of adventures through the Magic FOREST of Sautens. WIDI will show you the way, and introduce you to all his little  friends - the forest animals.

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Waldspielplatz Ochsenbrunnen

Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground

Ready, steady, go – let's head for the Ochsenbrunnen Forest Playground that promises loads of fun and heaps of action. Everything centers on OXEN: ox figures made of wood are great toys for young and old!

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Familien Spielplatz


One thing is for sure: all children love playing! A huge number of playgrounds, sports fields and leisure centers is spread all over the Ötztal valley.

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Mühle Piburg

the mill in piburg

Listen to exciting stories about work and life in the Old Mill. A superb guided tour of the Mill gives a unique insight into traditional millers crafts. Also take a closer look at the rebuilt Mill in Piburg

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Familien Schwimmen

swimming lakes & pools

Hey - the mountains are just perfect for unlimited water fun and action! Splash around in the valley's swimming pools and Alpine lakes, like scenic Piburger See. Daredevils can try an action-packed rafting tour. Fishing fans enjoy crystal clear mountain waters while catching big fish. I like it, baa!

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Habicher See

Lake habicher see

The lake Habicher See is a beautiful, quiet and favorite place of WIDI, which is easily accessible for hikers and walkers. Only 10 walking minutes from Habichen to the Habicher See. It is suitable for strollers and prams and the path there is barrier-free. The 12-meter long footbridge and the sandbank are perfect to relax and the kids can play there. This is an ideal destination for families.


Familien Tiere

horse riding

Of course, mountain sheep WIDI is a true animal expert. Follow his tracks to the varied small zoos and get in close contact with the cuddly farm animals, or play with the little ponies. On many farms in the Ötztal also horse carriage rides and riding lessons are available. Discover the scenic surroundings on four hooves!

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Familien Museen


Don't worry, it's not a history class: WIDI always recommends the best attractions for young guests. Discover the Ötzi Village in Umhausen and get an insight into Ötzi's everyday life and work in Neolithic times. Additionally, you will find many more interesting details on the "ancient Ötztal people" in the Oetz Heritage Museum.

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Further Destinations

Further Destinations

Here you can find further destinations for the whole family

in the valley

in Tirol