Mountain Biking Rules

Ten selected mountain biking rules ensure your safety and minimum impact on our environment!

I control my speed and I anticipate trail users and obstacles (e.g. stones, branches, cattle, gates, tractors and other vehicles/machines) around corners and blind spots! I respect barriers for wood-cutting works and accept that forestry trails are primarily for the use of the owners of the forest!
I show consideration for hikers and walkers and slow down to a walking pace for overtaking! I respect all trails, roads and paths and do not leave marked MBT trails. I bike in an environmentally sound and responsible way.
I take the route’s level of difficulty into consideration and judge my experience and ability as a biker accurately! I protect my head with a helmet and check my equipment (brakes, lights, bicycle bell) before starting a tour!
I do not leave rubbish. I close pasture gates!
I watch out for obstacles especially on narrow single trails as they are not checked regularly. I control my speed and use the trails at my own risk. I pay attention to alpine hazards.